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Control the air quality in your home

When you want to have control of the humidity in your home, go with the best possible equipment and choose an air-to-air unit. These units allow you to keep the humidity controlled in your home so your family and those living in your home are more comfortable.


There are a number of main units you can choose. Go with the brand designed to do the right job for your space.  

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If you are seeing moisture on windows, then an air exchanger is an excellent option to control moisture in your home.


Energy- Efficient Ventilation Systems

• Brings fresh air into the home, even when windows are closed

• Recovers up to 70% of the heat (in cold weather) or cooling (in warm

  weather) from the air leaving the home

• Energy recovery Ventilators (ERV's) reduce the amount of humidity

  coming in room from the outside air on humid days



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