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There are options for your boiler

If you’re considering a boiler in your home, there is a lot of information to go through. There are a number of Burnham boilers with an electronic ignition or standing pilot. Another popular choice is the New Yorker Boiler, a high-efficiency alternative as well as NTI Modulating Hign efficiency boilers.


As you can see, this might not be such a simple choice. The best way to find the right one for your home is to talk to a qualified professional. Get the right match for your house, no matter what the size.

Advanced Energy Saving Features Integrated with a Flexible Modern Design

The Series 3 shares many of its features with the award winning ES2, including the durable cast iron heat exchanger, rugged heavy gauge steel base and the innovative IQ Control System. The IQ Control System allows the Series 3 to be easily equipped with an optional Energy Saving control package that, according to many studies, can deliver up to a 15% reduction in the fuel consumption. In addition, the Series 3 provides even more flexible chimney venting options making it the right choice for millions of homes.

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Boilers can last more than 20 years with regular maintenance. People

with allergies prefer them because they don't stir up dust or pollutants

through a forced air-duct system. There are not as many moving parts

in a boiler system, so maintenance is carefree and easy.

Consider the triangle tube

The Prestige Triangle Tube is a 95% efficient modulating boiler, which helps increase the flow. It allows for changes within the system and adjusts accordingly so that you always have hot water. You can also consider a Burnham chimney vented boiler, which is 85% more efficient than a standard boiler.

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