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With an 88-year history, a recording of top ratings and awards, and the honor of being the best-selling brand of water heaters in America, Rheem water heaters are likely the best for your home. Get hot water solutions with the perfect balance of value, performance and features for every lifestyle and budget.


Get your choice of water heaters from top brands in the business, Bradford White, Takagi, State, Rheem, and AO Smith from Wensink Heating & Cooling Services Inc.

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Wensink Heating & Cooling Services Inc has been providing water heater services for residential homes throughout Wisconsin for over 30 years.

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If corrosion or high bills have rendered your water heater obsolete, you have options. Call us for a repair when needed, and when the time comes, ask us about new energy-efficient choices including tankless.


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Tankless water heaters save energy by only heating water where and when you need it. If you would like to go tankless, we can go over your options and install your new heater perfectly. Call us today.

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